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Sunday, February 19, 2012


Everyone will agree that Malachite Kingfisher is one of the most strikingly colorful birds in Southern Africa. I remember how I desperately wanted to have a decent photograph of this little bird a few years ago. I searched long and hard before I found my first one, on the causeway at Marievale Bird Sanctuary. It was very skittish and there were no chance of photographing it, but I was extremely excited just to have seen it! After many travels I started seeing them more often, in the Kruger National Park, Rietvlei Dam Nature Reserve and again at Marievale Bird Sanctuary. Unfortunately I only managed to get some average portrait shots until eventually I started seeing them more often at Marievale. I went there regularly in the mornings, met and shared countless flasks of coffee with new photography friends. It proved to be the best place to photograph these beautiful little birds!

Malachite exit
Marievale Bird Sanctuary, South Africa
Canon 1D Mark II N | 600mmf/4 | 1/4000sec at f/8, ISO 800