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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Namibia is a very special and unique place for photographing the wonders of the natural world. One of these wonders are the life found in the coastal dune belt between the towns of Walvisbay and Swakopmund. Life had evolved a little differently there compared to the species found in the rest of the dunes and deserts in Namibia. At these costal dunes, the warm desert air meets the cold air of the Atlantic ocean, creating a dense layer of mist almost every morning until about 9 AM. This layer of mist only stretches about 5 kilometers inland and creates a very unique environment. Here, in the apparently barren landscape you can find hidden life in the form of Sidewinders (Peringuey's Adder), FitzSimon's Burrowing Skink, Namaqua Chameleon, Swift Sand-diving Lizard and the Web-footed Gecko (Palmato Gecko).

Web-footed Gecko
Swakopmund, Namibia
Canon 1D Mark IV | Sigma 150mm Macro | 1/50 sec at f/16, ISO 400

This photograph was featured as one of Life's top 100 photos of 2011 and also won the Earthshots.org photo of the day contest on 28 June 2011.