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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


The Kalahari desert can be a tough place to live in, especially in the dry season. Food and water is scares and the animals have to tolerate daytime temperates in excess of 40 degrees celsius. Wildebeest often hang around the waterholes from 9:30 in the mornings forcing their way in between the other wildebeest to get a few sips of this precious liquid. During September month the animals also have to endure the sweeping winds and combined with the dry conditions this creates bowls of dust. These are so thick and frequent that an entire herd of wildebeest can disappear in a matter of seconds. This wildebeest was falling behind as he was following his herd back from their drinking stint. A sudden burst of dust made his herd vanish before his eyes completely. This had bewildered him and he tried to catch up, heading into the dust storm.

Into the storm
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa
Canon 1D Mark II N | 600mmf/4 | 1/2000sec at f/8, ISO 400

This photograph was chosen as part of National Geographic's Daily Dozen by the editor on 23 March 2012.